JP Boily

Founder of Metrics Watch

Jack of all trade SaaS consultant (but mostly code, analytics & marketing)

whoami, aka, "about me"

Hey there, I'm Jean-Philippe Boily, but you can call me JP.

I am a bootstrapper (Metrics Watch) and also doing some part-time work for clients, helping them with their web apps or their teams. I'm available part time, you can hire me! :)

I worked remotely for a few years for Gracious Eloise (now and Rainforest QA where I had a lot of fun doing awesome work.

You can find me all around the inter webs as @jipiboily or even "yeah, that french canadian guy who [...]". I am a Software Engineer with a [choose your qualifier] sense of humor from Quebec Province, in Canada. If we want to be more specific, I now live in Alma, my hometwon where I moved back in 2013 with my wife and where we are now growing an awesome little girl.

I mostly write Ruby, and most of that Ruby is for Ruby on Rails apps. That said, I am pretty good at JavaScript and CoffeeScript. I've been doing a lot of Go recently for a client. Finally, having an ops background, I still love to do some ops for fun.