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October 12, 2012

From zero to full team and project idea (Wizenews) in a week

October 12, 2012 - JP -  

Last week I decided to register to Rails Rumble. I had no idea what would be my project at first. I had a few ideas but still was alone and not sure of what would be my project yet. I’ve invited a friend and ex-coworker, Alex, earlier this week and we did a planning session, short & sweet. There was no doubt, we would build

Then I posted yesterday on my blog a retrospective of the process. Since then, two new members joined the team. GeekOnCoffee, a guy I’ve met at first Spreeconf in February and talked quite a bit in the last few months due to my work with Spree (he’s from the Spree core team). He asked if we were full. He can’t work full-time during the weekend, but hey, we’ll have fun! And then Frank Bernier, another ex-coworker asked if we were full just a few hours before we started. He can’t work full-time either, but hey, we’ll have fun! Everyone joined, we’re full!

Team Wizenews

So, now that we’re full, have an idea that grown up as new members joined, I think we can deliver something useful to a lot of people. RSS fans & users, Google Reader users and hopefully everyone else that read news online!

Our team dashboard is here if you want to have more information about the project and vote for us!

Want to know more? Follow us on Twitter (@wizenews) (or #wizenews), here on that blog or on later on during the weekend.