JP Boily

Founder of Metrics Watch

Jack of all trade SaaS consultant (but mostly code, analytics & marketing)

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Hey, I'm JP!
I worked with many startups and touched just about everything possible in a startup.

From software development to hiring a distributed team. From leading a team to cleaning your Google Analytics data, do some conversion rate optimization plus some sales.

I am a SaaS consultant and can help you with your code, analytics, and marketing or just general SaaS things.

I have some availability, let's chat!


  • Jean-Philippe is helping us building the next generation of our service Gemnasium. While he fits perfectly in our team since the first day, he's also able to work autonomously. We are happy to rely on his skills and experience in the SaaS world, and expect to share new experiences with him.

    Philippe Lafoucrière, CEO at Tech-Angels & Gemnasium

  • JP is a friendly, diligent, thoughtful dude who can do pretty much anything you throw at him. He's what I think of as a 'social programmer' and there's far too few like him!

    Fred Stevens-Smith, Co-founder / CEO at Rainforest QA (YC S12)

  • I've met very few engineers that was as easy to work with than Jean-Philippe is. He has outstanding communication skills, requires little supervision and is completely trustworthy. Every time I speak with him, I try to figure out a way to work with him again.

    Simon Mathieu, Rainforest QA alumni

  • We've been working with Jean-Philippe since 2011. He's always delivering high quality work. Efficient, professionnal, attention to details and creative are a only a few of his quialities. If you're looking for someone listening to what you need and to advise you and build the right solution, JP is the one you need.

    Mériem Bélaïchouche, Coordinator, Graff'Cité (graffiti cleaning in Quebec City)

Wanna email me? Sure, go for it!

How can I help?

Thanks for stopping by, and to read more! So, you might want to work with me? Here are a few things you might want to hire me for (in no particular order):

  • help with your SaaS (I have experience in SaaS startups where we do everything!)
  • help you with your remote team structure, culture, etc.
  • software engineering (Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Go, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, to name a few. I did web apps but also some mobile and desktop apps)
  • part-time CTO/acting CTO/interim CTO
  • help in your interview process, hiring of software engineers
  • rescue or legacy projects (I love helping older code base to get upgrades or get from chaos to maintainable)

You have a startup project and want my some of time to code for you for free or just for equity? This is very unlikely to happen. I could help you as an advisor (for equity) though if you can really sell me your startup!

Anything else? Worth a shot anyway!

Email me!