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October 11, 2012

Monologue 0.2.0.beta3 released

October 11, 2012 - JP -  

TL;DR: I have just released the first public beta of Monologue’s next “big” version. Say welcome to 0.2.0.beta3!

Background for newcomers

You know what is Monologue, right? It is a basic blogging engine, a Rails mountable engine you can embed in an already existing app or new Rails app. It has few features, but is easily extensible. More here.

New features

What’s new in it? Quite a few features (directly from the CHANGELOG):

  • IMPORTANT: add cache management config and UI. Please review the new config options!
  • first extension available: monologue-markdown
  • add tags
  • add a UI to manage current user’s account (welcome in 2012, you can now change your password!)
  • add RSS icon
  • add social icons
  • add tags
  • there is now a sidebar: you can put the latest posts, tweets or whatever you want! Kinda simple system but efficient enough for now. Included: tag cloud, categories (tag), latest posts and tweets.
  • front page articles are now more cleverly truncated
  • a few Deface hooks (data-monologue attribute) were added to the admin layout (for the menu)
  • update admin UI with newest Twitter Boostrap (v2.1.1)
  • visual look has been slightly updated (Hey, designers, want to help on Monologue next design? You’re “hired”!) See that new design
  • add support for Twitter Cards (
  • deprecate Ruby 1.8 (you should really upgrade, 2.0 is about to get real and Rails 4 won’t run on Ruby 1.8)
  • lot of bugs fixed

Let’s talk: Google Group!

There is now a Google Group for your questions and discussions. You have questions? Want to discuss something that is not an issue? Just head on to the Google Group


Doing an extension for Monologue is quite easy. To show you, I’ve created monologue-markdown which replaces the default editor by a Markdown editor (EpicEditor). Just add it to your Gemfile:

gem "monologue-markdown", "~> 1.0.0.beta1"

It is compatible at least with Monologue 0.2.0, but might also work with older releases.

Want to do your own extension? Just take a look at my commits! For now, this is the only documentation…but it is really, really easy to do! It’s just a basic Rails engine itself overriding and adding stuff, nothing rocket science here.

What’s next?

You can see a Roadmap, but that might change. You want something badly? Let me know, or better, do it! :)