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September 21, 2013

Monologue 0.3.0 and monologue-markdown released

September 21, 2013 - JP -  

I have just pushed to Rubygems the new versions of Monologue and monologue-markdown.

Disclaimer: this blog isn't using Monologue anymore but Jekyll.

New to Monologue?

What is Monologue you may ask? Legitimate question! It is a barebone blog engine for Rails. It is built as a Rails engine and with a focus on keeping very few dependencies to ease it's use in your project. You can also use monologue-markdown which will replace the default editor with a simple Markdown editor.

For more information on how to use it, you can see the GitHub repo. Here is the branch for the current 0.3.X releases:

Give it a shot. Feel free to contribute, be it via a PR or simple feedback. Contributing will make you feel happy!

Already using Monologue?

Look at the upgrade steps. IMPORTANT: if you use monologue-markdown, you need to install monologue-markdown's migrations BEFORE the ones from the new version. Monologue migrations are removing a table that monologue-markdown needs for it's own data migration.

See the upgrade "guide":

What's new?

Taken from the CHANGELOG: - Portuguese, Italian and Spanish translations were added! You can now use Monologue in either French, English, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish - Remove revisions - User management - Preview using Ajax - move the user_id column from Monologue::PostRevision to Monologue::Post. - bug fixes & cleanup


Huge, HUGE thanks to the contributors and especially, the maintainer extraordinaire @msevestre. Without him, Monologue would not be where it is right now. Thanks Michael!

What's next?

Master is now going to be Rails 4 only. Feel free to jump in and help Michael with this. As usual, filing issues is welcomed and encouraged. PR are just awesome!

Communication pipelines

Feel free to ask questions on the mailing list:!forum/monologue-rb. Feel free to get in touch with me (or anyone else) in the "new" IRC channel on Freenode: #monologue. As usual, GitHub issues are important. Let us know if you find bugs.

Project on GitHub is right here:

One last thing...

I have a dream....well, a bunch, but one that is achievable. monologue-dashboard. It is nothing else than an idea of an extension that I would love to use but does not exist as of right now. I have outlined a few features that I would love for myself. You can see that in the README of the repo here: Beers are on me when we meet if you do that. Also, I would <3 you forever.