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October 13, 2012

Wizenews: almost 24 hours old

October 13, 2012 - JP -  

Rails Rumble has started around 21 hours ago. What are we up to? Here is the objective (from our Rails Rumble page):

Wizenews is a simple news reader. You import your Google Reader feeds and then you can participate in a more public manner to those news by voting them up & down and commenting on them, right from Wizenews!

We’ll try to add public space where trending news and topics could be browsed by anyone. That said, not sure that part will be 100% done by the end of rumble! :)

Maybe more if time and resources permits…we have a lot more ideas!

So, are we almost ready? Hell no! We faced a few problems. As our team didn’t plan that much, I was almost certain we would face a few problems. Our project is using Google Reader heavily, but had no time to test any library neither OAuth2! Both were problems, but mainly OAuth2 in fact! For now, OAuth is on-hold, we’ll figure out later a fix! Besides that, things are going smoothly. Our latest additions to the team helped us a lot!

By the way: if anyone is using Omniauth with Google and figured out how to get an access token (not an auth code), let us know! ;)

See ya on in 24 hours…hopefully!